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How Seanen Middleton’s iPhone-Lit Long Exposure Became Album Art for a Famous Music Duo

16th November 2017

"Fine art and portrait photographer Seanen Middleton draws a lot of his inspiration from music. He especially likes atmospheric and dark music to really pull out that imagery in his images. We had the chance to talk to Seanen about how he expresses himself through provocative images, and how his popular halo photo had global success and led to an album art deal" - Dane Johnson

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Digital Camera Magazine

27th February 2017


22nd of September 2016

"Make no mistake, British fine art and portrait photographer Seanen Middleton is an exceptional talent" - Alex Wain


21st September 2016

“Love, dreams, and darkness” describe the exploratory, visceral work of photographer Seanen Middleton. Fascinated by the human psyche and what happens when you explore the outer edges of consciousness and reality, he produces visions of the world that are meant to inspire and enlighten us. Sometimes these visions are dark; it is not uncommon to see in Middleton’s work pain, fear, and loneliness, all of which speak to a greater experience of vulnerability. But by depicting these experiences as something tangible and poetic, he reveals a world full of connection, growth, and wonder" - Hayley Evans

Photocrowd Competitions

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The Night Sky - Expert Choice Winner

"A great night sky image that is subtle yet atmospheric all in one. Not an easy thing to pull off" - Ben Brain

9th September 2016

Double Exposure Effect - Expert Choice Winner

"I love the simplicity and deep emotional connection here. Pure art at its finest" - Piotr Skoczylas

2nd August 2016

Light Painting Portraits - Expert Choice Winner

"Outstanding work" - Eric Paré

2nd August 2016

Interview: Drawing Hope from Emotionally Dark Places with Seanen Middleton

May 29th 2016

"Seanen finds visual inspiration in the coasts and forests near his home in England, and they’ve helped him develop a portfolio of vivid, emotion-packed images that speak directly to your heart" - Sarah Ann Loreth

Better Starts Here Photography Campaign

October 2015

#BetterStartsHere was a campaign by HeadsUpGuys during October 2015 to raise awareness around men’s depression and support men’s efforts to lead healthy lives. The campaign connected men and their supporters from all over the world by featuring images created by renowned photographers from Canada, US, UK, and Australia.

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