Well we’ve just about recovered from a jam packed week. To start, Seanen and I saw one of our favourite artists on Tuesday the 26th in Manchester at the 02 Apollo. The immaculate Lorde blew us away with her incredible live, idiosyncratic voice and those jerky dance moves.

It was a brilliant night that was then followed by a trip to London where we had VIP tables to watch the effortlessly cool ODESZA in Kentish Town’s O2 Forum. Their live show really stands out as a visual feast with technicolour graphics and smokey effects complimenting the euphoric music; truly appeasing both eyes and ears. Meeting a fan prior to the show, Seanen had his first glimpse of a celebrity lifestyle as a guy asked for him to sign his ODESZA vinyl after finding out (gloatingly being told by me) that he shot the cover! This was very surreal for Seanen and set off the mood for the rest of the evening as we drank with label execs, artists managers and was invited back stage to meet the famous duo who supplied Seanen with his first ever album cover. 

And on leaving to return to our hotel, we saw a poster down in London’s own underground tube stations! Harrison and Clay were awesome, as well as their entourage, not to mention the fine selection of cheese they had. We can’t thank them enough for the opportunity they have given to Seanen. Here’s looking out for the second album cover very, very soon.

- Ryan

‘A Moment Apart’ ODESZA Artwork

Seanen’s first ever album cover, the American electronic duo ODESZA’s sophomore release ‘A Moment Apart’, has just hit number TWO on the Billboard Hot 200 Album Chart, selling in excess of 56,000 copies. As you can imagine, Seanen is absolutely ecstatic at this. He’s been waiting a very long time for such a big feature like this to come along and he can’t thank ODESZA enough for using not one, not two, but THREE of his images for their album campaign. The design itself was created in collaboration with Harrison Mills & Michelle Gadeken. 

Seanen shot this image with his close friend Rachel Putt who’s a fellow photographer herself. The location of the shot is set amongst the rocks of Hodge Close in Seanen’s place of origin; the Lake District. It’s a beautiful area hidden down a lengthy trail of forestry and beyond where the light shines through is a deep pool of black, murky water that sits at the base of a huge cliff. The sun only reaches certain areas of this enclosure and creates shadowy fractions amongst the rock face. Being there, you can truly feel ‘a moment apart’ from the rest of the world. 

Prior to releasing the album cover, ODESZA used two of Seanen’s other works for single covers. ‘Vespertine’ and ‘Moth to a Flame’ were used for the lead single ‘Line of Sight (feat. WYNN & Mansionair)’ and ‘Late Night’, respectively. The image of Vespertine, which depicts a warm, glowing halo symbolising the light of the evening, was created using the technique of long exposure whilst whizzing the torch of an iPhone around the head of yours truly. The title was inspired by the same name of a Björk album. Moth to a Flame came about quite spontaneously on a night ride in the car with our friend Bex. Parked up high in the mountains of the Lakes during a storm, Seanen got me standing in front of the headlights and the rain whilst Bex waited in the car. No matter where we are, what time it is, and whatever weather condition; when inspiration strikes, Seanen will capture his image. It’s a sign of a true artist! 

When the album came out we couldn’t resist popping into HMV to feel the Vinyl. And ODESZA were kind enough to send us copies of the Vinyl and the CD. It’ll sit lovely in our collection next to the likes of Björk, Jamie XX, Banks and Disclosure to name a few. And we definitely appreciate the gratitude they gave us in the’s album’s liner notes.

What’s more, ODESZA had the cover printed on a billboard and painted as street art somewhere in Seattle. Seanen’s art has been physically recreated in America! We’ve also been given tickets to see the guy’s show in London on the 29th and we look forward to meeting them. Having always wanted to combine his two most visceral passions, visual art + music, it’s safe to say that Seanen has indeed done it in a masterfully epic way. And there’s more yet to be announced just around the corner! ;)

Check out the album here



Hello to you, prospective Seanen Middleton fanatic, collaborator and friend, I offer you the warmest of welcomes to our very first blog. Seanen has kindly taken it upon himself to give me, his loving partner (and ravishing muse), permission to update this website with blog posts from time to time in the pursuit of a more personal insight into his work, his background, his inspirations and current projects. Spending most of his time either working, editing, shooting or curating new concepts has left him with little time to write and so the task has kindly fallen on myself to inform you of his activities. 

He has recently secured his first full-time photography role with a new, exciting fashion company based in South Wales. He is extremely excited about it and owes me, his loving partner and ravishing muse, all the gratitude for relocating from the beauty of the Lake District to live with me in my humble Welsh village. I’ll go into more detail in future posts about how Seanen has got to where he is today and it’s not always been the easiest of rides. You can see from the emotive and engaging imagery on this site that his vision has the very essence of darkness woven into the fabric of his powerful and, simultaneously, delicate imagination. 

With a keen eye for detail and a strong ethos for capturing and crafting the perfect image through his meticulous use of colour and composition, Seanen’s work is best summarised by his mantra; “I found a world where love and dreams and darkness all collide”. Seanen’s aesthetic is commonly sparked by his affinity for the darkness, finding inspiration and a creative solace in such things as the night, the moon, the cosmos, shadows, forestry, water, the ethereal and the obscure. His art pieces are little fragments of his mind, all titled to provide substance and a peak into his thought process. 

His breathtaking photography has been used by film directors, local and internationally famous musicians, authors, curators; the list goes on. And aside from his conceptual and abstract pieces, Seanen boasts a strong set of functional photography skills with diverse clients including children, pets, weddings, corporate businesses and events. You can view a list of his achievements here which, from his unique creativity and hard working nature, looks to grow exponentially. We hope you join us to see what exciting things lie ahead for this exceptional talent.


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